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While getting ready for the CMA Awards, Rayna finds a prenup in Luke's bag. Over at Juliette's, she expresses to Emily how she's unsure about meeting Avery's parents. Layla is still upset about her portrayal on the reality TV show. Gunner is in daddy mode and tells Micah his mom will be back soon. Gunner tells Zoey he's still unsure where Kiley is. Scarlett tells Deacon she is going to watch the awards on TV, but he's not interested.

In the limo, Rayna brings up the prenup. He wants one because his first wife took him to the cleaners during their divorce. On the red carpet, Sadie gets a text from her ex-boyfriend. Layla attempts to sound smart for a reporter but she comes across as snarky instead. Juliette flashes back to her childhood with her mother, and how she was left alone a lot. Avery comes along to introduce his parents. At the awards, Teddy and Jeff see the prostitute Teddy hooked up with. There's obvious tension between Avery and his father. 

The show starts, and Deacon comes out of his room to watch with Scarlett. Rayna wins the award for Single of the Year. She goes on to win Album of the year and continues to thank everyone but Luke. Will and Layla go on stage to perform. Gunner gets a call from Kiley's parents and leaves Micah with Zoey.

Backstage, Luke asks Sadie what's wrong. She tells him her ex-boyfriend is demanding a cut because her single is about him. Luke tells her not to let anyone ruin her moment. Teddy goes to talk to the prostitute and flirts with her. Jeff talks with Zoey about joining Edgehill. Gunner interrupts and says Kiley's parents haven't spoken to her in months. They notice Micah is missing. Luke continues to be passive-aggressive while talking to Rayna.

Rayna and Luke win together. Deacon and Scarlett think Luke's acceptance speech was disrespectful to Rayna. Avery's dad thinks neither Avery nor Juliette is ready to become a parent. Juliette overhears this and thinks back to her childhood again. Gunner freaks out over losing Micah and has security step in. Sadie performs. Luke acts cold toward Rayna backstage. Scarlett thinks Sadie makes performing look so easy.

Gunner yells at Zoey for losing track of Micah. Avery apologizes for what his dad said. Juliette thinks her background makes her unfit to be a mother. Sadie wins Best New Artist over Will. Teddy meets with the prostitute in a back room. He says he's jealous of the guy she's with. They hook up. Rayna confronts Luke in the restroom. He says the only reason her album was so successful was because he proposed to her on the day of its release. 

Rayna presents to the award for Male Vocalist of the Year to Luke. Deacon and Scarlett notice the weird tension. Avery stands up to his father and defends himself and Juliette. Juliette reveals they are having a girl. Gunner wins an award for songwriting, but he's too busy looking for Micah. Security finds him. Rayna wins Entertainer of the Year. She thanks Luke in her speech.

At home, Zoey apologizes to Gunner. She tells him she won't make him choose between her and Micah. Layla tells Will she doesn't want to be famous like this. He holds her as she cries. Avery brings Juliette home. She asks him to unzip her dress, and he lingers for a moment before leaving. Zoey shows up at Deacon and Scarlett's. Luke says he's sorry for his behavior. Rayna receives a text from Deacon saying congratulations. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Don't let that joker or anybody else take tonight away from you [Sadie]. You're here. It's because you deserve to be here.


Yes, situationally it is, but if you're talking about verbal irony, which is the use of words to express the opposite of their literal meaning, and I believe that's what you're attempting to do right now, then no, no it's not.