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Rayna, Luke, Will, and Deacon finish up their tours as the wedding day approaches. Rayna is back home in Nashville for her final dress fitting when Tandy comes home. Deacon and Scarlett make plans to stay away from Nashville during the wedding weekend. Jeff talks to Will about a rumor on the internet about his sexuality. He tells Will to butch himself up. Tandy asks Rayna if she's happy, and she claims she is. Juliette suggests to Avery that he should move in when the baby is born. He agrees and asks her what they're going to tell their daughter about them. Juliette says they'll tell her she came from a place of love and that her parents are great friends. Tandy suggests Rayna think about what her new normal looks like. Micah's grandparents show up. They tell Gunnar they are now his legal guardians and they're taking him back to Texas. 

Rayna tells Luke she doesn't like the idea of their honeymoon tour being extended. Gunnar speaks to a lawyer. He needs proof of paternity. Teddy hooks up with the prostitute again. Sadie's ex, Pete, shows up. He tells her her big song sounds a lot like a song they wrote together. Will comes home and suggests he and Layla go away together. She keeps texting with Jeff, and Will starts to get suspicious. When talking to her daughters, Rayna is surprised when her daughters are okay with the idea of an extended tour. They also want to go to boarding school. She finds out Luke had been talking to them about it. 

Avery and Sadie work on her song. She tells him about her ex husband. Will and Layla go to a party. Will sees Layla cozy up with Jeff. Rayna confronts Luke about his conversation with her daughters. Scarlett wants Deacon to do some karaoke. Will tells Jeff to shut down whatever is going on between him and Layla. Sadie gives Rayna a wedding present. Deacon and Scarlett sing some karaoke. Will watches as Jeff ends things with Layla. She gets upset. Will is confronted by a girl who throws herself at him. She tells him the rumors must be true about his sexuality. He starts kissing her. Gunnar gets into an argument with Micah's grandparents. 

Maddie and Daphne sing a song at the rehearsal dinner. In his hotel room, Deacon gets upset about Rayna. Layla walks in on Will having sex with that woman. Avery talks to his mom on the phone about Juliette. Teddy tells the prostitute they shouldn't see each other anymore. Layla takes a bunch of pills. The lab results come back saying Gunnar is not the father. Rayna tells Tandy she feels uneasy about her life now. Scarlett finds Deacon passed out in the hotel room. Avery tells Juliette he doesn't want to be her friend, he wants to marry her. She says yes. 

Pete shows up at Sadie's home. When she stands up to him, he punches her. Will and Jeff find Layla floating face down in a pool. Will yells for someone to call 911. Jeff calls Teddy saying he's going to need his help. At the hospital, Deacon swears he didn't drink. The doctor comes in and says he fainted for a more serious reason. Rayna tells Luke she can't marry him. Luke cries and she tells him she's sorry. The doctor told Deacon he has undiagnosed cirrhosis of the liver with elevated white blood cells counts which points to cancer. He tells Scarlett he doesn't want anyone to know. Gunnar shows up and tells Scarlett that Micah is his nephew. Kiley cheated on him with his brother, Jason. Avery and Juliette get married at the courthouse. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

All this flirting. All this texting. Whatever else it is you guys [Jeff and Layla] are doing has made this "thing" real in her head. So whatever you got to say to convince her to go with me I suggest you say it, tonight.


Avery: What are we gonna tell her... about us?
Juliette: We'll tell her she came from a place of love, and her parents became great friends.