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As the episode picks up 2 months later...

Rayna, Luke, and Deacon, and Will return from their tours. Rayna performs on Dancing with the Stars. Bucky tells Rayna Rolling Stone Magazine wants to do a cover story on her. That means her one weekend to relax with her family is out the window. Luke isn't okay with the change of plans. While laying in bed sick, Deacon gets a call from the journalist from Rolling Stone. He wants Deacon to weigh in on the story since he's been a big part of Rayna's life. Deacon says no. At their cake tasting, Luke gets frustrated when Rayna is too busy talking with Brett, the journalist. Back at the house, Rayna, Luke, and Brett walk in on Maddie and Colt kissing. Rayna tells Maddie she needs to stop liking Colt immediately. Rayna goes to see Brett to convince him not to write about Maddie. She says she'll give him the story of her and Deacon instead. Rayna and Luke make up later that night. Pam shows up at Deacon's place. He talks to her about Rayna. He thanks her for helping him find the music again. She tells him to take care of himself. 

Juliette and Avery can't seem to agree on anything regarding their baby during a visit with the doctor. Avery buys baby supplies. Juliette shows up and interrupts Rayna's interview. Rayna says the songs Juliette is sending her are not her best. Juliette says she can't work with Avery. Rayna tells Juliette to write about her frustrations. Juliette cries and asks Emily to be her Lamaze partner. Avery shows up and catches Juliette recording a new song. Emily stops by Avery's apartment to tell him about the class. He asks how Juliette is really doing. Emily says Juliette is sad. Avery shows up for the birthing class and tells Juliette he's not going to miss out on anything. 

Will goes to stay with Gunner and Zoey. Will doesn't believe Zoey is okay with Micah being Gunner's son. Will hopes the premiere of his and Layla's reality show fails. Zoey tells Gunner she hates that she has no work since Juliette fired her. Gunner says they should have a date night without the kid. Kiley's boyfriend dumps her, and Gunner consoles her. Gunner wants them to stay permanently. After failing to show up on time again to pick Micah up, Gunner calls Kiley. She reveals she's leaving town to get her boyfriend back. 

Layla apolgizes to Will for acting badly the last time they saw each other. She invites him to come watch her play. At the gig, Will, Gunner, and Zoey are stunned when they hear Layla's music: it's actually good. Will can tell the song is about their relationship. He leaves the room. Layla thanks Will for finally giving her a voice after all the pain. Will and Layla put on happy faces for their premiere. Will and Layla are horrified to find how she's portrayed in the reality show. They made her look dumb. 

Terry, the homeless man, shows up to drop something off for Scarlett. Scarlett wants songwriting time with him. Terry opens up to her about his family and his past. His family died in a car crash, and he stopped playing music. Scarlett finds Terry's music. She thinks he should continue. She wants him to play at The Bluebird. Terry wants her to play with him. They perform together and Scarlett overcomes her fears. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Hey! You've got time for press, you damn well better have time for me.


Gunner: What?
Will: I may not be an expert on women, but I know them well enough to know when they're pissed.