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Juliette sinks into a depression after Avery tells her he wants a divorce.

Deacon finds out that Beverly had been singing in her spare time, and he resolves to go to a memorial in her honor. 

Marcus complains to Rayna about Avery, and he asks Rayna to produce his album. She offers to give it a shot. 

When a fan tries to take a picture with her, Juliette attacks her. 

Will tells Kevin that he doesn't just want to be a songwriter, he wants to be a performer. He manages to book Will in a gig. 

Jeff offers to clean up the Juliette mess with the fan if Gabriella gets him the CEO position with Luke.

During their session, Marcus turns into a diva and refuses to take Rayna's notes. She has Maddie sing one of his songs in their style to prove to him that he can make country music.

Gunnar tracks down his one night stand after she leaves an earring at his place, and he asks her to Will's show. 

Gabriella signs the final investors, and she tells Luke he should reconsider Jeff for the CEO position. 

Avery visits Glenn and asks him for help, but Glenn tells him he's got to cut himself off from Juliette emotionally. 

Deacon and Scarlett are touched to hear that Beverly talked about them all the time, and Scarlett agrees to sing for the crowd in her mother's honor. 

Colt steals a bottle of alcohol from the bar at his dad's party. 

Will's show doesn't go as planned, and he sinks into a tantrum about his coming out problems again. Fed up, Kevin breaks up with him.

Erin, Gunnar's one night stand, returns for another night of fun.

Luke and Gabriella sleep together to celebrate their success. 

Juliette mixes pills and alcohol then heads to the roof. Jeff spots her and pulls her back from the ledge before she can jump, but the momentum throws him off the roof instead. 

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Colt: She doesn't know, does she?
Maddie: What, that I love you?
Colt: I love you too.

That stage, that's the place I've always felt happiest.