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Juliette wakes up from her night of drugs and starts to recognize signs addiction in herself. She reaches out to Avery, hoping to explain her behavior. 

Rayna suggests that Deacon go with Scarlett to Natchez to clean out Beverly's house. 

Gunner heads to Atlanta with Will and Kevin, and they make it their goal to get him laid. 

Maddie heads out to visit Cody on Luke's tour. Luke worries about leaving the two of them alone in a hotel room. Maddie asks Juliette for advice, and she brings Maddie up on stage to perform with her. 

Deacon heads down to help Scarlett, but his aggressive attitudes causes her to break down with her grief. 

Rayna gives Layla notes on her album, but Layla pushes back after Jeff tells her not to get steamrolled. They end up rewriting one of her songs to be about Jeff.

Meanwhile, Jeff courts a position as the CEO of Luke's new lifestyle brand. 

Luke gets angry at Juliette for having Maddie on stage. While he's on stage, Maddie and Colt sneak onto his tour bus to have sex. 

Avery and Markus try to work together, but their strong personalities end up clashing. 

Gunnar runs into Juliette and tells her about Cadence being in the hospital, so she charters her jet to fly home. 

Scarlett and Deacon reconcile after they both admit that they feel to blame or leaving Beverly when she needed them. 

Gunnar has sex with a roadie, and Will admits that he's angry that he can only be a songwriter instead of on stage.

Avery flies to Atlanta and gives Juliette the divorce papers and tells her that she can keep her perfect family image for the cameras if he can get sole custody of Cadence. 


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Nashville Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Don't go trying to play cool mom with somebody else's kid just because you've abandoned your own.


Seriously? You guys kissed?