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There are some trust issues between Scarlett and Gunnar. Gunnar tries to assure Scarlett that she is the one he loves but it's clear that she is scared. 

Will and Kevin are at dinner celebrating his birthday when they're interrupted by a fan.

Rayna has a special request for Deacon. She wants him to do a concept album with her but he's hesitant to agree. He asks if he can think about it for a while.

Rayna picks The Ex's next single but Scarlett isn't thrilled with the choice. She wonders who it's about. Gunnar tries to explain it but it just leads to fighting between the two of them. 

Kevin encourages Will to go to an event his fan Jacob invited him to. Will decides to go and finds himself in a compromising position. Later, he struggles with whether he should tell Kevin about it.

Rayna is frustrated because nobody seems to love the idea of the concept album.

Juliette is determined to find the woman who saved her. Avery wants to be there for her but Juliette continues to push him away. Emily steps in to bring Juliette to the church where she saw the woman singing last week.

Gunnar and Scarlett continue to work on their issues while they promote their new single.

Will surprises Kevin with a gift and the two of them talk about their future.

Rayna gets mysterious flowers. Someone appears to be watching her.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Your pain is a gift. My pain is just painful.


Gunnar: I love you and you love me too, right?
Scarlett: Yeah but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it.