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Maddie is nominated for an American Music Award; only problem is, she's going up against Juliette.

Gunnar's considering visiting his hometown, Aurora. The only family he has left there is his grandma.

Deacon gets a text from Jessie.

Jessie's song about being in bad shape and needing a new coat of paint plays as Gunnar drives home.

Scarlett is scared to be home alone.

Glen and Juliette talk about how to handle the situation with Maddie.

Gunnar runs into an old high school crush.

Jessie and Deacon meet for coffee to talk about her new song.

Scarlett and Gunnar try to adjust to life apart.

Gunnar has dinner with Kelly.

Scarlett takes a self-defense class.

Gunner visits his old high school where he remembers getting the news that his mother had passed.

Deacon and Jessie schedule time in the studio.

Scarlett breaks down at Highway 65.

Jessie gets into an argument with her ex-husband over their son.

Avery checks in on Gunnar who's sitting outside his childhood home. Once inside, he reminisces about playing music with his brother.

Scarlett embraces her inner fighter.

Jessie reacts negatively when Deacon tries to help her.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

I'm not the answer to anybody's problems. I'm just a girl with my own.

Kelly Walker

Just because nobody hit you doesn't mean you don't have scars.

Kelly Walker