On Nashville Season 3 Episode 6, Rayna and Luke are both nominated for CMA awards, but Rayna doesn't like the idea of their two careers being tied into their relationship. Juliette and Avery try to figure out where they stand with the pregnancy. Don't miss out on all the drama by watching Nashville online!

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When you watch Nashville Season 3 Episode 6, you'll see Rayna try to keep her career separate from her relationship with Luke after they are both nominated for CMA awards. After recovering from a blood clot, Juliette tells Avery he needs to be all in or not at all when it comes to the baby. He informs her that it's not her decision about how involved he is. After bonding with Micah, Gunner convinces Kiley to stay in town so he can get to know his son. Teddy realizes the woman he has made a conection with is a prostitue, and Maddie gets a scolding from all her parents when she throws a party that gets out of hand. Will tries to hide his drama with Layla behind closed doors, and Scarlett ends up pushing the homeless man away after she inquires about his family.

Episode Details

On Nashville Season 3 Episode 6, a rivalry begins to develop as Rayna and Luke are both nominated for the CMA awards.

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0 (19 Votes)
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Nashville Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Will: I know this has been tough, but it's out last day of shooting. You think we can get through it without any drama.
Layla: Doesn't drama make for good TV?

Look, I've stood behind enough people to know when someone's heart's not in it. I'll tell you what, they [the audience] knows it too. I would kill to be on the front of that stage, but just because I'm not doesn't mean I'm not gonna sing my ass off.