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After her collapse off stage, Juliette is rushed to the hospital. Zoey calls Avery with the news. The doctor tells Juliette she had a blood clot, but the baby is fine. Avery shows up at the hospital because he was concerned, but that doesn't stop them from arguing. Noah shows up, and Avery thinks Juliette has moved on. He storms out. Later the doctor tells Juliette she has a condition where blood clots easily form in her body. As a result, she needs to cancel her tour. Noah tells her she's not alone in this pregnancy, but Juliette tells him she needs to figure out her situation with Avery. As they leave the hospital, Glenn reminds Juliette that they can't keep her pregnancy a secret from the press for much longer. Juliette goes to tell Zoey she is fired after she took over on stage. Avery is there as well. After Zoey leaves, Juliette tells him she kept the baby because of him. She wants him to be all in or not at all. Later, Avery goes to Juliette to tell her he's done being angry and he's forgiven her, but he can't trust her. He won't let her decide for him how involved he will be. At a press conference, Juliette reveals her pregnancy and that Avery is the father.

Rayna and Sadie eagerly await the CMA nominations. Both she and Luke get nominated in several of the same categories. Rayna is offended when Good Morning America says all their nominations are due to their status as a couple. Luke tells Rayna she needs to ignore the criticisms from Twitter and the media. Rayna decides to campaign for the awards. Bucky tells Rayna Dancing With The Stars wants her and Luke to perform. She tells him to get her on as a solo act. After they turn her down, Rayna maneuvers her way onto the show, but now she has to come up with a new song to premiere. Rayna tells Luke they need to distance their relationship from their careers. 

Pam tells Deacon to lighten up on the tour. Deacon finishes a song and plans on playing it at the concert. However, Deacon chickens out after the crowd yells for Luke. Pam tells him all he ever does is complain. His heart isn't in it. Deacon sees the joy on Pam's face as she sings backup and Deacon plays his song for everyone at the after party. 

Teddy leaves Maddie in charge of Daphne when he goes to have dinner with Jeff and the two women he met before. After an evening of skinny dipping, Jeff tells Teddy the girls were prostitutes. He keeps missing calls from Daphne, who called the cops after Maddie through a party for Colt (Luke's son) and his friends. Maddie kisses him, but he pushes her away. Later, Teddy, Rayna, and Deacon all speak to Maddie about her behavior. She apologizes, and Rayna tells her they are hiring a nanny.

Kiley tells Gunner she left Texas all those years ago without telling him he had a son because her parents were controlling her life. Gunner tells Scarlett about being a dad. She suggests he take advantage of the time he has left with the boy and be his friend. Gunner convinces Kiley to let Micah sleep over. After Gunner bonds with him, he convinces Kiley to stay in town. 

Scarlett meets up with the homeless man again. She thanks him for helping with the song. Later Scarlett asks him about his family after she sees a photo of them. He gets angry at her asking and leaves. Scarlett looks for him at his usual spot, but he's no longer there.

Will and Laya continue to be at odds when she shows up on the tour. He doesn't want drama, but she ends up making a scene at the after party. Later in the hotel room, Layla melts down. Will tells her he cares for her, but she says the feeling isn't mutual. 

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Will: I know this has been tough, but it's out last day of shooting. You think we can get through it without any drama.
Layla: Doesn't drama make for good TV?

Look, I've stood behind enough people to know when someone's heart's not in it. I'll tell you what, they [the audience] knows it too. I would kill to be on the front of that stage, but just because I'm not doesn't mean I'm not gonna sing my ass off.