Nashville Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy

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You know it's true love when your relationship becomes all about strategy and competition! 

Okay that's definitely not true, but Rayna James doesn't seem to realize that.

On Nashville Season 3 Episode 6 Rayna and Luke were nominated for several of the same CMA awards, and the public has their own ideas why they were nominated.

I can't be the only one who finds Rayna's shock at the public's opinion confusing. Hasn't this woman been a famous musician for a long time? She should be well aware of the likelihood of public scrutiny at this point. I get that this is the most high profile romantic relationship she's been in, but she shouldn't be so naive.

The cracks are already beginning to form in her relationship with Luke. I don't think it's a good sign that Rayna is trying to distance herself from him. It's not that I don't think she should stand on her own, but it's more about the fact that she feels like she has to.

It's not hard to see why so many high profile, celebrity couples break up. Not only are they dealing with their private relationship, but they're dealing with their "public" relationship and that ultimately blends into their careers. How many interviews have we seen of actors or singers where they are asked about their private lives while promoting their work? Too often.

Rayna wants to do the Dancing With the Stars appearance on her own without Luke, and now she has to come up with a song to premiere exclusively on the show. Luke says he's on board with keeping their careers separate for the awards, but I have a feeling the competition is about the heat up whether they want it to or not.

Rayna: Well, I think I'm gonna be doing it myself.
Luke: You pushing me out?
Rayna: Kind of...
Luke: I didn't realize when I was talking about campaigning that you'd start competing against me.

For once, Juliette has to put her music career on the back burner as she deals with her pregnancy. I wasn't worried Juliette would lose the baby, but her condition means she has to cancel the tour. It's probably a good thing since she and Avery have a lot to figure out.

I wish there were more scenes between Hayden Panettiere and Jonathan Jackson in this episode because they are definitely my favorite part of this show. Their chemistry is off the charts whether they are fighting or making up. 

While I don't think it was right of her to give Avery an ultimatum, I'm proud of Juliette for attempting to handle the situation without more arguing. I'm less proud of her for firing Zoey. Once a diva, always a diva!

I really hope we are not about to go through a custody battle before the baby is even born. Avery told her he wasn't going to go with her two choices. I understand his side completely. He's forgiven, but he hasn't forgotten. He doesn't want to get back together, but he wants to be apart of the child's life.

I kept this baby because it's yours and I wanted to tell you... to see if there was a chance for us, and you told me I was nothing to you, and I accepted that. But you're here, and I know you loved me once, and I ruined that, and I have to live with that. But can you?


It's obvious that wasn't what Juliette wanted to hear, but she seemed to take in stride as she revealed at the press conference that she's pregnant and Avery is the father. No turning back now!

There's also no turning back for Gunner now that he's convinced Kiley to stay in town. I really hope the kid turns out to be Jason's because I'm not liking this storyline at all. Plus, Zoey hasn't been filled in, and I'm sure that conversation is not going to go well. 

Scarlett gave him good advice and he bonded with Micah as a friend. This was cute and all, but I still think there's too much pregnancy/potential fatherhood/baby drama going on in this show right now. Let's cut back a little and allow some of these characters to remain young and fun.

Scarlett is anything but fun with her new homeless best friend. I'm so bored by this new storyline. I'm not curious at all about his family or why he's homeless. Perhaps it has more to do with my dislike of Scarlett, but I feel like this has the potential to turn into some crappy after school special. 

Will and Layla could have certainly benefited from watching a few of those. Layla is a hot mess right now and Will is not helping. I'm not trying to defend her, as I think she's selfish, but Will is also only thinking about himself. Both are pretty terrible people honestly. I used to feel bad for Will, but he really needs to grow a pair and take control of his image before someone else does. 

Teddy needs a different friend because Jeff is just going to get him into trouble. However, I'm questioning Teddy's intelligence after he called that prostitute at the end of the episode. Seriously Teddy? How can he not see that this won't end well?

Maddie kissing Colt was not surprising whatsoever. She's looking for attention and that came at the expense of her sister. Thankfully, Maddie took her parents' scolding like a champ and apologized. Side note: How funny was it seeing Rayna walk into the kitchen where all the men in her life were arguing?

My favorite performance this week was Deacon playing at the after party. It's nice to see him actually enjoy playing music rather than spending so much time pining over Rayna.

So over to you guys! What did you think of the episode? Is Teddy the dumbest man alive for calling that prostitute back? What are your thoughts on Gunner being a father? How soon are we to a Rayna-Luke breakup? Place your bets below, and don't forget you can catch up on all the drama when you watch Nashville online!

Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy Review

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Will: I know this has been tough, but it's out last day of shooting. You think we can get through it without any drama.
Layla: Doesn't drama make for good TV?

Look, I've stood behind enough people to know when someone's heart's not in it. I'll tell you what, they [the audience] knows it too. I would kill to be on the front of that stage, but just because I'm not doesn't mean I'm not gonna sing my ass off.