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Two people are transporting equipment and an explosion ensues.

This causes a clear divide as one of the people escapes and the other is left inside the truck.

Melissa is the sole survivor and people think she's lying, leading to a big turn of events.

Lucy is taught how to weed out the good from the bad by Jane.

Lucy manages to make a break and find the burner phone, allowing them to make a plan.

They find that a group of men are working on WWII bombs to blow things up.

They realize they are manipulating people to do their bidding and one, man, Hughie, has a lien on his home, but it is revealed to be a fake bomb on him -- a smokescreen, so to speak.

Kate tries to get close to Lucy again, but Lucy says they need to stay apart if she doesn't want to be with her.

Jane and Joe grow closer.

Kai tries to work on his relationship with his father as he tries to find a new place to stay, but he learns that his father wants him home.

Kai is conflicted due to their complicated dynamic, which puts them on opposing sides.

NCIS: Hawai'i
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