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The home of Captain Hadlow, who is hosting his friend, General Abidi of Pakistan, is invaded by masked robbers. Hadlow resists and is shot and critically wounded. Hadlow's stolen laptop has valuable research on it about top-secret projects. Sam and Callen suspect Abidi, who has disappeared, may have been involved with the thieves. Hadlow's wife's daughter Emily is missing. Sama and Callen get shut down by Pakistani diplomats, who tells them Abidi is wanted as a criminal in Pakistan. Abidi is waiting to meet someone at a park, but a gunman shows up looking for him. Sam kills the gunman, and Callen captures Abidi. Abidi is working with the State Department, trading intelligence for asylum. Abidi turned on the Taliban after his daughter was killed.  Pakistan's leaders want Abidi silenced because the intel he wanted to sell was on his stolen smartwatch. So Sam and Callen plan to recover both the laptop and the smartwatch. Eric and Nell figure out that Emily's friend Lucas may be behind the theft. Kensi and Deeks bring them in. Abidi is about to be returned to Pakistan by the State Department. Lucas admits to being involved in the robbery. He gives up his fence, BIlly Friedman, and Sam and Callen recover the smartwatch and the laptop. But they have to give up the watch and the Adibis are heading to the Pakistan consulate. Nell discovers one of the robbers was in touch with an assistant at the consulate, Rebecca Sadat, who has the Abidis. She's taking them to a private plane in Van Nuys, to deliver them to the Taliban. Kensi plays chicken with Sadat's van, and the van swerves first. Sadat holds a gun on Abidi's wife. He pleads for her life. Rebecca lets her go to shoot him, but Callen shoots first. Roberta volunteers to bartend for Deeks.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 9 Quotes

Maybe I should alert the neighbors.

Sam [to Callen]

Eric: You love games.
Nell: And I love tables. But never the twain shall meet.