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Two workmen throwing out a dryer find a body in the dumpster. Nell's sister Sydney drops by. The body was of Mason Walker, security for a defense task force involved with submarines. Walker had been abducted and the hard drive containing the submarine research was stolen. An engineer attached to the submarine project, Andre Martinez, is missing. Andre was Sydney's crush from high school, and he tells Nell someone is trying to kill him. Eric is concerned that he can't reach Nell. Andre's bank account had $100,000 deposited into it that morning. Andre was the only person to use a keycard to enter the office building where the team was meeting. Eric finds Nell, Sydney, and Andre on surveillance. Andre tells Nell the government is after him. They ditch her car and start walking. Nell kisses Andre to cover when a cop car drives by. Sam and Callen suspect Commodore Kang, the task force leader. Andre said he got a call from Kang asking him to go back to check on the hard drive, but his keycard was missing. Nell decides to contact her team. Nell spray paints a message on a teen's car to reach them and has the teen Hayley drive where Eric can see it. Sam and Callen are tracking Kang and she gets into a car with Natasha, a Russian national. Eric figures out Nell's message giving their location. Rogers gives Kang Martinez's location, putting everyone there in danger. Rogers explodes at Kensi and Deeks for not keeping him in the loop. Sam and Callen take out Kang and Natasha. Kensi commandeers a horse to get to the site quicker since two Russians on motorcycles are closing in. Kensi stops one Russian and Sam and Callen the other. The team invites Rogers to the bar. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 18 Quotes

Sam: You know I can see you, Beal.
Eric: Copy that.

Sydney: Do you want good coffee or not?
Nell: Sure.
Sydney: Good, because you're driving.