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Kensi and Army CID Special Agent Steve Evans are undercover and recover a hard drive containing stolen spy-plane plans. Multiple shooters are after them. Then Callen, Sam, and Deeks take out most of those. Kensi and Evans clean up the rest. Callen gets shot in the leg. Callen's estranged sister Alex calls asking him to watch his nephew Jake. Eric and Nell travel to his interview for a tech position in San Francisco. Lance Hamilton shows up. Lance asks Sam to help him find James Wallace, a missing U.S. border patrol agent, and his family. Wallace had killed the son of a cartel leader and he and his family have been in hiding. Fatima finds the leader's hitman, Ignacio Rodriquez, on surveillance near a bodega. Fatima infiltrates the bodega but ends up facing two guns. Then Lance and Sam follow her in and it's over. Nell is considering moving to San Francisco because her parents are moving there for her mother's treatment for heart disease. Kensi tells Deeks that she's concerned about the stress caused by running the bar. Rodriquez kidnapped Wallace's wife, and Wallace is pursuing him. Sam and company find three dead bodies where Rodriquez had been staying. Fatima uses the home surveillance system to find out where Wallace is going. Jake sets up streaming to the bar's big-screen TVs. Fatima finds Wallace's daughter Amanda in his pickup truck, and Amanda pulls a gun on her until Fatima talks her down. Sam convinces Wallace to put down his gun. Amanda ducks and Sam and Lance shoot Rodriquez. Eric is offered a job that would make him rich and allow Nell to focus on her mother. Lance tries to recruit Sam again but he isn't ready yet. They all head to a fundraiser at the bar. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 19 Quotes

Callen: Acting like I'm on death's door step.
Sam: Acting like they don't want you to get sepsis.

Sam: If you don't make it, do you mind if I have these slip-on Dad shoes you're so fond of?
Callen: I'm glad you're enjoying this.