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Anna's cellmate Kate Miller seduces a guard, then Anna chokes him and they break out of prison. Rogers let the team assist in the pursuit of Anna. U.S. Marshal Tisha Long says the women had outside help and asks Callen to account for his whereabouts. Arkady is the other suspect. Callen tells Long that he stayed away at Anna's request. She agreed to clear his involvement. Callen remains suspicious about Anna's transfer to a state prison, and thinks she may be undercover. Anna got herself put in a cell with Kate. She also set up the escape by working on trash detail. Anna and Kate steal a car. Deeks and Kensi interrogate Phil Carmona, who Kate had been calling, but he lawyers up. Arkady crashes in and he knows Carmona. Carmona's connected to Russian oligarchs. Kate was blackmailing him for confidential information about his business deals and associates. She's a Russian spy. Anna isn't working for the ATF. Kate kills her handler to protect Anna. Sam and Callen decide the Russian consulate might supply a private plane for Kate and Anna to escape the country. Kate invites Anna to come back to Russia with her. Anna gets them through a checkpoint, calling in a false report to reroute one sheriff's car and shooting another sheriff in his bulletproof vest. Kensi and Deeks are in pursuit of Anna's vehicle, but several cop cars intercede. Arkady explains about Anna to Rogers. Callen and Sam use their car to block Anna's. When it doesn't slow down, Callen and Sam shoot and it goes airborne and flips over. Then they're attacked by a group of Russian operatives. This enables Anna and Kate to escape, and Callen pursues. But he lets her go. Anna is looking for Callen's father.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 21 Quotes

Rogers: Do we get TV on this thing?
Eric: Yeah. Let me adjust the rabbit ears.

Callen: How'd you find me?
Reyes: I'm a U.S. Marshal. That's kind of my job.