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Liam Henderson, ex-Army veteran, gets run down and shot dead after breaking up a convenience-store robbery. Deeks has to return to LAPD for mandatory policy training. Callen, Sam, and Eliana are seeking a former American contractor Uria Ladd, who is running drugs in Tel Aviv. Nell is back but Eric is still consulting in San Francisco. Her mother is marginally improved. Henderson was formerly a bodyguard for arms dealer Rich Dotson, killed by Daniel Aguilar. Kensi partners with Lance Hamilton. Eliana and Callen are staking out Ladd. Someone is killing off Dotson's security team. Dotson's girlfriend Karen agrees with that theory and has set up her own security. Eliana explains to Callen that she left him in Rome because her cover was blown. Nell gets a line of Dotson's remaining bodyguard, Rick Takata. Elianna decides to tail Ladd and his party when they leave. Takata gets killed and Kensi wings someone fleeing the scene. Nell tracks the shooter to an abandoned drugstore. Sam Sapolo, a member of Ladd's gang, to reveal where Ladd stores his drugs, a warehouse one street over from where Eliana and Callen are. A second shot by Kensi kills the shooter. Kensi determines Karen is the person behind the killing off of the bodyguards. Kensi thinks Karen may have been the actual arms dealer, not Dotson. Eliana and Callen shoot the guards and drive off with a truck full of drugs. Karen admits she is the arms dealer. A firefight ensues. Kensi battles with Karen while Lance gets stabbed while taking out the last bodyguard. Sam tells Sapolo he will put in a good word for him. Eliana kisses Callen goodbye. Lance refuses to stay in the hospital and brings back sushi for Kensi and Nell. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 2 Quotes

Nell: [Eric] can be such a nerd sometimes.
Kensi: Sometimes?

Deeks: They'll make me shave and cut my hair?
Kensi: A girl can dream.