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A Naval Intelligence officer working for DARPA is abducted. Admiral Kilbride calls for Sam and Callen and tells them he wants them to protect him. Kensi and Deeks are supposed to babysit a man trussed up in the next room, David Conklin. Kilbride tells them he's trying to buy back the missing officer with a bag of bearer bonds he took off Conklin, who he's impersonating with Sam and Callen as his bodyguards. Kilbride, Sam, and Callen are brought into a warehouse by a woman named Noor and her bodyguards. Kensi and Deeks need to move Conklin quickly when two thugs knock on the door. They jump into the pool from their balcony and walk out through the hotel lobby. Kilbride aggravates the man in charge of the negotiations, Adnan Das. Conklin won't help Kensi and Deeks. Eric identifies Jess Adams as the missing officer, a scientist on special military projects. With backup from Kensi and Deeks, Kilbride, Callen, and Sam abduct Adnan in a hail of gunfire. Conklin is an arms dealer who was shopping for top military minds. Callen suggests trading Adnan for Adams. Callen and Sam approach Adnan's father Vihaan on the golf course and propose the exchange. Adnan is found unresponsive in the interrogation room by Kensi and Deeks and dies. Callen wants to do the exchange on the golf course. They prop up Adnan's corpse in a golf cart. When Adnan won't speak to Vihaan, he refuses the exchange. Then everyone opens fire, with the team taking down Vihaan's people and rescuing Adams. Deeks invites everyone to his bar for a celebratory drink.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 3 Quotes

I was doing this back when you were trying to decide to be an astronaut and a cowboy.

Kilbride [to Callen]

Deeks: Special Agent Kensi Blye ...
Kensi: Is not buying into your BS.