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Lt. Paul Tatum disappears following a car accident. His laptop with sensitive data is missing. Tatum, formerly a nuclear engineer, got moved to his current position as a VA benefits administrator because he developed diabetes. Someone opened a file with retired SEALs data on Tatum's laptop after his disappearance. Isaac, the autistic man collecting cans, describes what happened after the accident to Deeks and Kensi and shows them the license plate number he wrote down. Sam and Callen recover Tatum at a baseball diamond. Kensi and Deeks obtain a photo of the man who rented the car in which Tatum was abducted. Tatum's insulin pump has been hacked. His insulin level was used to control Tatum's behavior. Zachary Vale hacked the pump and rented the car. Vale had a quote from the Koran on his fridge. Tom Olsen calls because his truck has been tampered with. After Sam and Callen arrive, Tom's truck explodes. Vale is a secret al Queda supporter and he is targeting SEALs, hoping to collect a bounty. The bike Vale is using can be tracked. Kensi and Deeks talk to Martha DeLeon, Zachary's neighbor, whose credit card he had hacked. Vale is hiding out at an abandoned school. Sam and Callen go there but Vale has booby-trapped the school. Deeks and Kensi join them. Sam and Callen check each room with a drone. A cargo van arrives with two men and Kensi and Deeks give chase and catch them. Sam disables a bomb. Callen distracts Vale with the drone then they rush in and shoot and kill him. The bomb squad defuses two other bombs at SEALs' homes. The team celebrates over Deeks' homebrew.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 8 Quotes

Where's Big Brother when you need him?

Deeks [to Kensi]

Deeks: Can't complain.
Callen: I could get used to this.
Sam: Not me. I prefer the complaining.