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Hetty has convinced Fatima to take an "off-the-books" trip. Andre VIsquel, an engineer who works on an undersea drone prototype, was shot outside a party thrown by Zane Von Bohlen, a video game streamer. Technology for the prototype were taken from Andre's lab using his security card. Kensi and Deeks interview Andre's boyfriend Franklin, who admits he was looking at engagement rings that night. Zane delivers a list of party guests to Sam and Callen. They run into Katherine Casillas, who insures Zane's cars. Security cameras at Andre's lab picked up Nick Moore, who had been let go because of a drinking problem. Kensi and Deeks capture Moore after he tries to escape. Moore admits to producing fake credit cards and says that someone recruited him to steal technology from the lab with Visquel's stolen badge. He said Visquel confronted him about stealing the badge then went off to get his tech back. Moore had put the tech in Zane's Ferrari, which has been taken to an exclusive car auction. Katherine gets them in as sellers. She has put Sam's Hellcat up for auction. Sam and Katherine reminisce about classic cars. Tarpena Joyce wins the Ferrari for $400,000 and gets interrogated. Kensi and Deeks find Visquel's shooter killed by a Russian agent. Tarpena is a Macedonian hacker who sells state secrets on the dark web. She hired Moore to steal the tech and the shooter to kill Visquel. The Russian team surrounds the OSP squad, Katherine, and Tarpena. Sam and Katherine in the Hellcat chase one Russian and Tarpena in the Ferrari, while Fatima and Callen take out the other two. Sam and Katherine and Deeks and Kensi trap the Ferrari without harming it. Sam lets Katherine drive the Hellcat, to Callen's shock. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 Episode 7 Quotes

Fatima: "[Hetty's] still a mystery to me.
Nell: Welcome to the club. I've been here 10 years ago and she's still a mystery to me as well.

Fatima: I prefer to fight hand to hand.
Nell: I prefer not to fight at all.