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ONI Lt. Commander Susan Sorensen was tortured and murdered the night before. Stalker David Kessler sends a postcard to Kensi. So Kensi and Deeks stay at headquarters while the rest of the team goes to the crime scene. Only Callen and Sam are let inside. The body has been removed by Joelle. She will be working with NCIS to investigate the murder. Kensi admits to Deeks that she's been dreaming of Kessler. Deeks suggests Kensi see a therapist. Sorensen is the latest in a series of CIA officers who have been killed in the same way. Sorensen had met a CIA officer at a recent conference. Kilbride pops up on a screen. He's looking into past missions connecting the dead officers. A couple of other retired CIA officers attached to the same Ukraine task force aren't answering their phones. Sam and Roundtree find one dead and just escape a bomb blast that was remotely detonated. A sketch leads them to CIA Officer Michael Olmos. A Ukrainian defector was tortured and killed by the task force. He was the illegitimate son of Yuri Kirilenko, the No. 2 Russian intelligence officer. Kirilenko is having task-force members killed in the same manner. Kilbride suggests setting a trap. Callen and Joelle find out the defector's death was faked so that he would fall off of his father's radar. None of the CIA officers were actually killed including Sorensen. The fake deaths were to confirm Olmos's status as a double agent inside Russian intelligence. All the bodies were John and Jane Does, swept up by the CIA afterward. NCIS added authenticity by investigating the deaths. Kessler's photo on the postcard was taken in L.A. Kensi waits to wait on getting pregnant. She wants to foster parent instead. Callen discovers Joelle was in on the setup all along. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 17 Quotes

One of the advantages of having your leg cut off. Everyone starts talking to you like you're the Queen of England.

Joelle [to Callen]

Sam: You didn't say what agency you're with.
Agent: No, I didn't.