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The team is assigned to search for social-media influencer Gia Michelle, daughter of a U.S. ambassador. Sam and Callen check out the accident scene while Kensi and Deeks go to her Beverly Hills mansion. Fatima asks Kilbride for help pouring over Gia's postings and Agent Aliyah de Leon appears. Gia comes back online to say that she's been abducted for a $10,000,000 bitcoin ransom. Deeks and Kensi interview Gia's driver-bodyguard Alan, who says Gia receives plenty of death threats and may be in on her own kidnapping. Sam and Callen, and Kensi and Deeks, debate parenting today. Gia had been feuding with influencer Angel Soars. A online counter-campaign is started to kill Gia on the internet. Aliyah discovers it's largely funded by the incel community, led by Gia's troll Jaxon King. Callen and Sam visit King's house, while Deeks and Kensi question Angel. Fatima interrogates a paparazzi who shot photos of Gia. He lets her look at his photos in return for her getting the boot off his car. King rides away on his bike but runs into a car. His laptop yields little but illegal narcotics purchases. Aliyah finds a suspect, the Last Gentleman, and King gives up the name Curtis Jenkins. Jenkins' mother doesn't know where he is. He has Gia and leaves a note for his mother saying goodbye. She gives them an address for a beach house where he might go. Fatima cuts the wireless. Sam and Callen surround Jenkins. He threatens to shoot himself. Sam talks him down referring to Jenkins' dad. Kensi and Deeks worry about what their daughter might face. Fatima and Aliyah go out for coffee. Sam, Callen, and Kilbride debate the value of social media. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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