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Two men abduct Rear Admiral Ted Gordon from his home. Deeks is searching with Roberta for an apartment for her. After tearing down Kensi's list of activities she plans for her and Rosa, Fatima attempts to convince her that she can become the "fun" parent. Raymond sets fire to Sam's kitchen. Gordon has been working with a civilian contractor making underwater gliders. Engineer Jessie Fiore resented Gordon's taking all the credit for the gliders while being interviewed by Marcus Moore. The next day, Moore flew to China and met with a group of hackers. Gordon left a message on the sails of a model ship in his ransacked home. Sam and Callen find Gordon's journal inside. Moore says Gordon kept interrupting their interview to make calls, which Fatima discovers were to librarian Meredith Huxley. Gordon is seeking a buried treasure. Huxley says Gordon badgered her about an antique map he had asked her to research. Meredith reveals that Gordon had discovered the galleon using the ocean glider and Kensi realizes that Fiore had to be involved. Sam and Callen's map hunt leads them first to a statue, then to a maritime bookstore. They capture Fiore there. He says Gordon has been taken to the Channel Islands. Fiore partnered with Jim Bones and Long John in Gordon's kidnapping. Kensi finds a small safe with a piece of the map hidden in Gordon's bag. Using the pieces sent by Kensi and Callen, Fatima reassembles Gordon's ocean sketch and she and Kilbride determine Gordon is heading to San Miguel Island. Gordon takes out one thug with a shovel while the other runs into an unexploded bomb. Sam and Callen try to convince Gordon to leave. But he stays to dig. Kilbride hands Sam and Callen a tiny bag of treasure from Gordon.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 6 Quotes

Fatima: You got this.
Kensi: Do I?

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Fatima: Is that a good idea, having Mother-in-law so close?
Kensi: As of now, I think it's a great idea. But only time will tell.