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  • NCIS and the LAPD are working a joint mission to stop the sale of explosives.
  • During the operation, Deeks shoots an unarmed gang member.
  • Due to the shooting, Deeks is under investigation and leaves NCIS to return to the LAPD.
  • Kensei and Deeks have an awkward goodbye.
  • Deeks is recruited by Quinn in Internal Affairs to help find the mole in the LAPD.
  • They investigate Deeks' Lieutenant, Bates.
  • It turns out that the shooting was faked to get Deeks back into the LAPD to investigate the mole.
  • Kensei is furious when she finds out she was kept in the dark.
  • In the end, it was Quinn, Internal Affairs, that was the mole.
  • Kensei forgives Hetty for lying to her.
  • Deeks returns to NCIS.
NCIS: Los Angeles
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