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Undercover ATF Agent Kevin Clark is murdered by a local gang and they post the video of his execution online. NCIS tries to figure out how his cover was exposed. While looking for the body, Sam and Callen run into a young man, Jason Anakawa, in the building. He was Clark's informant for the local gang.

Jason links Clark's killing to the Yakuza crime.Survelliance shows that Clark saw Tommy Walker before he was killed. Walker provided the in the team needed. Sailors would get girls, drugs and gamble when they came into port provided by Yakuza. Sam goes undercover as a sailor to get inside their operation.

Deeks takes a look around and finds Anakawa's body in a dumpster. That means that Yakuza were monitoring the building and saw Callen and Sam pick him up. Sam's compromised. Sam gets taken and put in a room with ATF Agent Stone. He claims he was tortured for the names.

Callen finds a way into the building to save Sam. It turns out Stone wasn't a prisoner, but working with Yakuza. Sam took the bullets of the gun before giving it to Stone. And, Callen and Sam take him down.

In Afghanistan, Kensi disappears from the base. She went in search of the White Ghost and allows herself to be taken.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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