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When Eric hears his friend being attacked, NCIS looks into whether or not the Russian missile control system has been compromised. A Chechen rebel group stole the information needed to control Russian missiles. They want to force the Russians out of the Caucasus. Eric and his friend attempt to close the security gap, but there are too late.

The Russians test a new long range missile and the Chechens alter the course so it will hit San Francisco. They believe if the US gets into a war with Russia, then the Chechens will be left alone. Eric tries to alter the missiles' course enough to put it over the ocean. The Chechens attack them, but Eric is successful.

In Afghanistan, Kensi is reunited with her ex-fiance, Jack. He's been living a peaceful life in Afghanistan. He's not the White Ghost that the US has been looking for. He tries to help Kensi but he's taken away before they can work out an escape. He remarried, but his wife was killed by a drone strike. He was then recruited by the US. He's not the same man she loved almost a decade before.

Granger calls Hetty to find a way to rescue Kensi.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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