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When the FBI fails to capture a Romanian war criminal living under a fake identity in LA, NCIS is brought in to help apprehend him. Callen and Sam head out to question his wife, while Deeks is left behind. Callen finds a secret room that has evidence of the man's criminal past. 

The Romanian war criminal is on the run. His lawyer helps him and NCIS questions her. They use her affair with him as leverage. She gives them information which leds them to follow the money. They find him, but he evades capture again.

Hetty takes them off the case, but her agents continue to pursue it. They set a trap f​or the CIA agent that was hanging out at a private airport waiting to escape with the war criminal. They take the corrupt agent into the air and threaten to leave him in the plane to crash. He believes them and confesses.

They track the war criminal and his lawyer to a boat that they bought. Hetty suspends Callen and Sam for dis​obeying her ​order.

Meanwhile, Kensi arrives in Afghanistan, but nobody knows why she's there. Granger shows up and tells her she's on a mission to kill a rogue American in Afghanistan. Deeks and Kensi both miss each other.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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