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Hetty sends the LA NCIS team to find and rescue Kensi. Deeks stays in town to question a cleric. He starts out restrained. When he's sent a picture of a dead-looking Kensi, he pushes his limits. In the end, he finds out a way to help save his partner.

Sam and Callen meet up with Granger and find the cave where Kensi was held. A computer left behind has images of Kensi and Jack appearing dead. Neither Sam nor Callen are willing to give up the search. Without water they trek on with a Taliiban girl that fired on them.

In defiance of Granger, Callen sends the girl with money and a message to the Taliban fighters. They are attacked as expected and then saved when a helicopter shows up offering a hostage exchange.

Jack and Kensi are saved, but both are injured.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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