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As a terrorist attack in Tunisia swarms around US ambassador, Nancy Kelly, the stakes are immediately risen. 

It is revealed that Sam's associate, Commander Harris, dies protecting Ambassador Kelly. 

Sam and Callen are dispatched to Tunisia, and snuck onto the premises in the dead of night. Riding ashore strapped up with night vision goggles and many other gadgets, they take a minute to scope out the area before heading to the safe room. They find bodies unmoved and they attempt to ambush the men. 

As they try to transfer the necessary data, one of the guards alerts the others, and Sam and Callen's plans seem to be foiled. 

Amidst the gunfire, they both escape and report back to their team - unharmed. 

Navy Captain Alan Beck gives Kensi and Deeks misleading information, and they considering visiting them. 

A machine 3-D prints the entire crime scene as Sam and Callen try to rework the available evidence.

As Deeks spots suspicious activity, him and Kensi have a shootout which results in one of the enemies being shot dead. 

That man ends up being the same as one who appeared on the video of the initial terrorist attack. Also there is the question presence of rockets at the attack, which weren't't used for some reason. 

Beck is discovered to be meeting with a CIA agent that Callen last knows to be going by the name "Steve." 

After uncovering a secret code word for a hidden file, Sam and Callen meet with this "Steve" character. He refuses to reveal much of anything to them, except that the word is the name of a hidden file. Sam tries to keep his emotions in check as thoughts of Harris are brought back up. 

Hetty invites the Ambassador herself to the office. 

After Kelly thanks Sam and Callen for their efforts, they take her to another room and explain how the terrorist possessed more force than they used. All signs seem to point towards it being an attempted kidnapping. They scroll through the pictures of surveillance, and a common theme seems to develop. 

The terrorists were focusing on Harris - he's the common denominator in all the pictures. They finally reveal a picture of her arguing with Harris - and she reveals that she was mad over the existence of the hidden file. 

Harris never told her about the inner workings in order to keep her safe - she unexpectedly proves that Captain Beck may be the main target. 

Kensi and Deeks arrive at Beck's house only to see that it was broken into. Eric matches a boot print found at the house to one from the attack, and identifies the man as Munir Al ZaZari. 

The team executes a breach of the house where ZaZari is supposed to be hiding out with Captain Beck hostage. They find a way over the walls and onto the compound, and find ZaZari holding a beaten up Becks by gunpoint in the living room. Deeks comes to rescue out of nowhere, and the situation is taken under control. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Sam: If anything goes bad, it's better if it's just us.
Kensi: If anything goes wrong, it's better if you have backup!

What about a small footprint? Navy could get us in.