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Callen goes back undercover in jail.

He was supposedly spending six months in solitary. 

Granger re-introduces Agent Rand to Kensi, Deeks, and Sam. Rand catches them up on the plan of Dallas and his crew to set up a bombing. Callen part of that crew, and the gang tries to figure out how to get him out. Charlie tells Callen how he was born in a prison, and that this group is his family. 

He says that Dallas served is time and is out.

Callen stages a getaway from him and his group when they are being driven out to do manual labor. 

Callen continues to deal with the hostage situation undercover. 

Sam, Deeks, and the rest of the squad arrive armed and ready to save the day. The white supremacist inside gets on the phone with Sam and asks for his cooperation. 

The name of the guy on the phone is Dallas. Dallas asks for the manager so that they can use his eye to scan for security and open the safe. 

Kensi questions Dallas's ex. 

The manager agrees to go back in. Callen, along with Dallas, collect the money. Now, with the money, Dallas demands for a way to another country.

Sam questions that request.

The team outside the building debates whether or not to rush the white supremacist group. 

Agent Rand gives the okay to rush the building once Sam questions the state of affairs. 

Things had gotten too quite, and once they're inside, Deeks is the first to discover that the group left by tunneling a hole out of the bank. The hostages were left behind safely. 

Sam, Deeks, Agent Rand, and Granger discuss how the men dug their way out of the building. Deeks says it had to have been a professional job. 

Dallas asks Callen for his gun back before they leave his sight. Dallas hints that he's on to Callen. He sends Charles out of the room and then intimidates Callen.

Kensi questions Ginny, Dallas's ex, and she breaks down. Kensi continues her line of questioning to find out where Dallas would go. 

Callen has been getting tortured by Dallas the gang. He is doused is gasoline and threatened some more.

Sam and Agent Rand infiltrate the hideout. Agent Rand is almost shot, but Sam intervenes and knifes the assailant in the back. 

There is a standoff between Sam, Dallas and Charlie, but Agent Rand comes last minute and shoots Charlie. This allows Sam a chance to tackle Dallas and rescue Callen. Callen tries to keep Charlie alive but he dies. 

Callen explains to Sam why he relates to Charlie. He ran away from his last foster family. He escaped from juvie, stole an LAPD car, and crashed into a pole. His life would've been over but he got a second chance. 

He wanted to do the same for Charlie. 

A flashback reveals how Hetty saved a young Callen from being arrested and tried as an adult. She offered him a place to leave and said she saw great potential in him. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Look at me! Who else would want me?


Dallas: You're one chromosome away from being a monkey.
Sam: That's very nice.