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An Afghan soldier is training by running some laps when two other suspicious looking individuals chase him down. He gets stabbed and accidently killed in the process.

Sam comes back from the hospital, a bit late -- at 8:02 a.m.

Sam and Granger chit chat about day-trading in front of the gang. He confronts Sam about his health and says they have to go to the gym together to do "burpies" in order to get back in the ring. 

The gang gets debriefed on the case. 

All agencies have been called in to investigate. There needs to be compliance between all agency, and the fact the murder wasn't a hate crime needs to be proven.

Sam is back after proving his health to Granger and the gang teases him more about his health.

The gang meets with the DEA unit. 

Callen tries to get information from the DEA agent he's talking to, and they can't seem to find the boss. They trick the agent into telling them why the DEA selected the soldier to be a part of the training program. 

Agent Richards selected Farhad and the two other soldiers because they all had high level clearance in Afghanistan. 

Beal and Nell talk about Beal's female friend who helped him gather some necessary information. Nell helps him put the pieces together. 

They figure out a place that Agent Richards frequents, and Kensi and Deeks find the drunk woman at the bar. 

Richards reveals that the other two men involved are now missing. 

The gang realize the kind of trouble they're in, and Sam says he wants to talk with the guy who trained the soldiers at the DEA.

Hetty and Granger tell Nell and Beal to keep looking for the two soldiers. 

The soldier's trainer adamantly defends the innocence of his students. He believes that the two soldiers are not guilty, and are actually in danger themselves. 

Beal and Nell reveal that a cafe abduction led to one of the soldiers managing to escape just in time. The other soldier was caught going to morning prayer.

It turns out to be a terrorist group that would want to know the classified information these two soldiers would possess. 

The gang needs to find the other soldier before he's kidnapped, and need to rescue the second one. 

Two theories emerge about the soldier that wasn't kidnapped yet, and the gang splits up into two teams to locate him. 

As Callen and Sam do a stakeout, Callen tries to find more things they have in common.

Kensi and Deeks locate a boutique owner who says the soldier was in the store this morning and bought a baseball cap and black t-shirt. They believe that Nell is right, and that he's probably going into hiding. 

Sam and Callen get their eyes on him.

As Sam tries to take the soldier from running, there's a drive-by. 

Sam and Callen apprehend one man, while Kamal escapes and the rest of the people in the van do as well.

The captured man says he was just asked to drive, and that he's not part of the terrorist group.

The gang switches partners, as Kensi and Sam go after the location Beal fed them. Callen and Deeks stay back with the captured driver. 

Kensi and Sam chase down Kamal and convince him that they're here to help.

He finds out that Farhad is dead, and that his other friend was kidnapped in the morning.

They find the location of a girlfriend's parent's shoe repair shop, and try to figure out how to approach the situation. 

Sam gives Kamal a weapon, and tells him to be smart. 

Kamal gets them into the house and a shootout takes place. 

They find Abdul in the back, beaten up and bloody, hanging by his hands from the ceiling. There are hostages in the back.

Abdul says he didn't reveal any information. 

After all is said and done, Kamal turns down an extension of his Visa in order to go home. Sam shows his affection for the fellow soldier. 


NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

You know, if you mind this less of a teaching moment, you could get back to your work faster.


Sam: Burpies??
Granger: Burpies.

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