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Agent Talia Del Campo is back in the second episode of NCIS:Los Angeles an she is not happy as she interrogates her former partner who has stolen vital DEA information.Before she can get a confession out of him, the guard shoots him,before Talia gets a few bullets in the guard. Naturally, the only place she and the DEA can turn to is NCIS. As the team is briefed, they learn that all the guard and Talia's ex-partner have in common is Citadel Behavioral Research, an agency that analyzes future government agents. As Deeks and Kensi team up with Talia to find the stolen information, Callen and Sam go undercover at Citadel to figure out what is going on. Callen fails the test that was assigned, gaining the attention of one one of the employees who pushes him through. As Callen demands to know why, it's revealed that Citadel has pushed through hundreds of operatives in order to do Citadel's bidding.

Meanwhile Kensi, Deeks and Talia manage to recover the stolen information from the heel of a shoe. The team arranges a sting to lure the CEO of Citadel out. While they are unable to arrest her to do a shootout. Hetty is able to apprehend and put her into custody. Throughout the episode, Deeks has acted very starange and it is revealed that his mother is in town and he wants Kensi to meet her.     

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

They spent six months digging through my life before I got the job offer to work here. Grade school report cards, interviewing neighbors, polygraphs, they did a full body cavity search...of my life.


Deeks: Infiltrate the most secure intelligence firm on the planet?
Sam: I like to start my week off right