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Kensi plays mind games with her captor, Sullivan. Callen calls Sullivan on Kensi's cell, forcing him to move her again. Eric and Nell track a call from Sharov's burner phone to a church, where they find Joelle, Callen's ex. Sabatino said he was working against the plot. Deeks tries to beat an answer out of him. Nell goes to the church to investigate further, and can't find any sign of Kensi. Sullivan has moved Kensi to a house being renovated. Deeks blames Hetty for Kensi being taken. Nell follows wheelchair tire marks outside the church. Eric pulls a gun on Retired Admiral Chegwidden, who has come to the office to help. Callen suggests they accept Sabatino's help. A woman gets by the guard to try to inject Granger with a drug, but he shoots her.  Callen, Sam, Deeks and Sabatino raid a drug house by mistake. Hetty interrogates Joelle, who is actually a CIA agent. She pulls a gun on Hetty, but Chegwidden whacks her with an oar. Kensi can't stop coughing, so Sullivan cuts her loose. It was a ruse to get loose, but she's recaptured after two other agents enter. Nell visits Granger to open the assassin's phone. From the dead assassin's phone, Nell tracks the other two agents' phones to the same address. Sullivan shows Kensi cell-phone photos of Hetty and Granger dead, then the team arrives. Callen and Sam take out the other two agents, while Deeks shoots Sullivan and rescues Kensi. Sabatine escapes. Hetty invites Chegwidden to join the unit. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 15 Quotes

Sam [to Callen]: He's too close to this. He's getting careless, losing focus.
Deeks: But I haven't lost my hearing.

Sweetheart, you were a job.
Kensi. Maybe. Or maybe I made you feel like losing a leg didn't matter.