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Navy Lt. Commander Jennifer Morgan has her package stolen by a skateboarder, then is abducted by a man. Nell is timing Kensi during an agility test, which Kensi keeps failing. Anna drops off a gift, then hangs out for an investigation. Jennifer is the creator of a threat-detection software, whose loss threatens national security. Anna pairs off with Hanna to check out the store where Jennifer shopped while Callen goes with Deeks to visit Jennifer's house. Nell and Eric discover that Jennifer's boyfriend, Gregory Jenkins, disappeared several days before. He is working on a story on white-collar crime. Eric gives Kensi a Kevlar-embedded scarf as a gift. Jennifer's abductor, Javier Nunez,. works for a defense contracting firm in Panama City, which has reason to want her software. Gregory is located on a bus coming into town. Anna says her father Arcady is proving an obstacle to her getting a job with the ATF. Callen and Deeks meet Gregory's bus, and he tells them that if he gives himself up, the kidnappers will let Jennifer go. Anna breaks into Gregory's apartment, where she's confronted by two Latino thugs. They get the drop on her, but Hanna breaks in and they take the thugs down. Eric and Nell finally scare the thugs into talking by trapping them in a car leaking gas while Eric holds a lit flare. The team rescues Jennifer and reunites her with Gregory. Nell gives Eric a pendulum clock, to illustrate how they will end up in sync. Callen invites Anna to come to Christmas dinner. Kensi brings cookies, and imagines a cat-fight with Anna and Nell. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

Callen: You and Kens going to light up the neighborhood Griswold-style?
Deeks; I'd like to, but she wasn't really down this year.
Callen: She's been through a lot. You always have next year.
Deeks: I was really looking forward to decking the crap out of those halls.

Nell: [Joan of Arc] was my first hero. But I have other sources of inspiration these days. Like Hetty ... and you.
Kensi: I don't know about that one. ... You do know she was burnt at the stake, right?
Nell: Nobody's perfect.