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A woman shoots two men disguised as sheriff's deputies and escapes in a squad car, all outside of Callen's home. The car is found torched. His is the latest attack on a squad member, following ones on Hetty, Granger and Sam. Nell asks Hetty if she can question Carl Brown again. Deeks is at work because both his mother and Kensi's mom have come to visit. They're driving Kensi crazy, and she gives them the day off, and they go to find a drink. Sullivan shows up at Kensi's door,bearing beer. Nell explains to Carl that the other inmates are going to get nervous about what he might be telling a federal agent and what might happen to him. Then he starts talking about Natalie. Eric finds out that the dead men worked at a local solar company, but its office is cleared out when Callen, Hanna and Deeks arrive. Sullivan stopped by to say goodbye to Kensi, as he's gong back to his unit. The woman outside Callen's house was Natalie Grant, the same woman Carl had been talking about. Hetty joins the other three to track down Natalie. They capture her at Carl's house. Hanna and Callen get ambushed, and Natalie gets hit and goes on the run. They find her, but Natalie bleeds out. She gives them the name Ray before she dies. Kensi is at the shooting range, but Hetty catches her. She wants to come back, but she can't shoot with her left hand yet. Granger sets himself up as bait for Ray, who had previously approached him in a bar. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Keeping family secrets to protect your loved ones, that's pretty much what your dad did to you, and everyone else in his life.

Hanna [to Callen]

Hanna: And you're sure Garrison is in Santa Barbara?
Callen: If Garrison had done this, there wouldn't be any bodies.