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Hetty is being kept in an underground cage in Vietnam. A mysterious buyer has arrived for Hetty. The team has gathered in a Ho Chi Minh City bar. Nell, Eric and Hidoko are combing through old boxes of Hetty's papers, trying to find intel. Mosley calls in Nell's sister Sydney to help with that. Nell requests that Mosley gets a warrant so they can access Hetty's mail box. Dang tells Hetty that Keane died. Deeks and Kensi stage a fight so that Sam and Callen can sneak out past the local police. Nell and Hidoko question Kim Nguyen, an old Vietnamese friend of Hetty's. She suggested they check out a monastery. At the monastery, the team is reunited by CIA Agent Jeff Carol. They find Chegwidden, Bridges and Langston there. Hetty's old colleagues had pieced together what happened to her. Carol had a stash of weapons for them, and Chegwidden's group has a chopper. Sidney and Nell are bickering. Mosley let the team go to Vietnam without seeking authorization from above. Carol says he has orders to kill Hetty if she can't be rescued. The old and new teams are squabbling. Dang tells Hetty he fed Keane to the tiger. Nell confronts Mosley, then calls SecNav then hands the phone to Mosley. Mosley gets satellite photos of Dang's compound. A drunk Dang is dancing outside, as the rescue team takes out his guards. Dang sends them to Keane. Hetty is being tortured by her buyers, then the team rescues her. Hetty turns the tiger loose on Dang, trapped in a cell. Sydney and Nell are in a better place when they part. Hetty takes Keane home.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Hidoko: I need to wash my hands, in holy water.
Nell: Really? I've seen way worse.

Interpretor: He says ...
Hetty: I know what he says.