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An investment banker, Philip Nelson, is murdered when his car is hit by another.at the same time he was on the phone with Russian oligarch Abram Sokolov. Callen thinks someone has stolen one of his alias identities, Dexter Hughes. Sam worries there may be a connection between Nelson's death and Dexter's identity theft. Mosley wants to send in Sam undercover at Nelson's bank. Mosley won't let Callen back up Sam until his identity is cleared up and sends Hidoko instead. Deeks and Kensi get Mosley to clear checking with Arkady. Callen breaks into the empty apartment rented in Dexter's name. Arkady says Sokolov is trouble. Arkady sends Kensi and Deeks to talk with Sokolov's older sister Vladlena. Callen finds a receipt from a bar at the apartment. Arkady takes Kensi and Deeks to Vladlena's gambling den. Deeks wins everyone's jewelry playing poker. Sam figures out Soklov is laundering his money through the bank. Vladlena said Abram had dirt on both Nelson and his successor, Leigha. Callen and Nell go to a bar where Dexter's credit card had been used. The thief runs, but Nell takes him out with a pool cue, and he's just a boy. Kensi and Deeks brings in Leigha for questioning. Sokolov is using his laundered money to escalate Ukraine's war with Russia, hoping to drag the US into it as well. Callen sends in Leigha, and Abram shows her boxes of money she needs to launder. NCIS stages a shootout and Leigha pulls Sokolov to safety, while the team secures the money. Hidoko puts a tracker on him. Deeks presents Arkady's bill to Mosley. Callen interrogates his identity thief, Finn. Callen lets him keep the apartment, but tells him he can't use the credit card again, and gives him his business card. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

Feel free to ignore him. He's used to it.

Kensi [about Deeks]

Dexter? Never would want him to meet my sister Dexter?

Eric [to Callen]