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A truck with $1 million in weapons is stolen, with three people left dead. The thief, Tony Young, meets up with Byron Brown of the Kulinda security agency. Kensi and Deeks search for Young. Sam and Callen debate what Byron is up to. Byron is meeting with a terrorist weapons dealer. Kensi and Deeks tail Young's girlfriend. Byron goes to a charity event featuring target shooting, so  Mosley, Sam and Callen go undercover to it. The money raised by the fund-raiser is going to war-torn Western Sahara. Sam talks to Byron and arranges to meet up later. Kensi tackles Young when he tries to escape. Young tells them where the guns are stored. Mosley impresses with her shooting. Kensi and Deeks capture the potential buyers. Sam wants to know where is the truck the guns were in. Byron left the weapons for Young to sell. Callen figures out the event will become an assassination attempt. Sam goes to grill Byron, while Callen looks for the truck. Sam and Byron fight, Sam gets the edge, then someone hits Sam from behind. Callen finds the truck and a couple of bodies of service staffers. He figures out there's two snipers. Kensi and Deeks go to check out Byron's house, where his wife and sons are being held by a gunman. Kensi shoots him and rescues his family. Eric discovers that Bradford-Livingston is behind the Western Sahara conflict. William Bradford, who wants to pull the company out of the weapons business, is the target. Sam shows Byron his family is safe and he puts down his gun. Callen tackles Bradford, and Sam shoots the other sniper. Harley shoots another gunman sneaking up on Callen. Sasha Livingston was behind the attempt. Deeks has been driving Mosley's car all day.and scratched it. 

NCIS: Los Angeles
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