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Nell calls Callen and Anna in to work. Anna thinks she got the job with ATF. Lucila Marca, the daughter of a well-known counterfeiter, has just moved to Los Angeles. Sam gets recruited to go undercover as a financier by Secret Service Special Agent Nicole DeChamps. Hetty is going to meet the man she's trying to locate. A couple of Marines are suspected of being the counterfeiter's smugglers. Callen distracts the saleswomen so Anna can snoop at a clothing store. Sam's cover is as a financier interested in buying into a counterfeiting operation. Lucila Marca tries to seduce Kensi during interrogation. Sam encourages DeChamps to find the right agency for her. Michael Silva, Larca's go-between, sets up a meeting for Sam. Lucila claims she is trying to break away from her family. The substance Anna found at the clothing store is the ink for euros. Sam and DeChamps are taken to a party where the meeting is to be held. Silva serves as Larca's representative at the meeting. Callen and Anna take out the three men they were following. Kensi figures out that Lucila is actually Claudia, Lucila's childhood friend. Sam and DeChamps are exposed because Claudia had failed to check in. The wounded DeChamps stabs one gunman and they run and eventually get rescued by his backup. Anna and Callen capture the production facility at a shuttered hotel. Hetty finds the man she seeks, Harris Keane, but she doesn't remember him. He blames Hetty for leaving him behind.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Anna: I'm like Gollum? Really?
Callen: Get in the car, precious.

Some people mediate,some do yoga, I play Halo 5 with my teammates.

Anna [to Callen]