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When a bakery truck overturns and the driver flees, a cache of guns and body armor is found.  The NCIS team quickly determines that the vests are faulty, and that some of them have gone over to soldiers in Afghanistan as part of some care packages. After tracing the vests to a contractor, they determine that the faulty vests were resold as recyled goods, which should have been broken down as component parts for other products.  However, they were kept intact, and sold to a recyling company, owned by the same person who runs the local gun.  During the investigation, the seller is found shot dead in his apartment, and the team figures out that the gun show owner was the murderer.  After setting up a sting, the owner attempts to escape into a trailer.  She uses a machine gun to try and gun down Gibbs, McGee, Tony and Bishop. Bishop is shot, but is saved from serious injury by her NCIS body armor.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 15 Quotes

Bishop: Bruised ribs. Can't breathe. Part of the job.
Gibbs: No it isn't. But the paperwork is.

Delilah: Agent Gibbs, do you mind if Tim gives me a ride home?
Gibbs: No. Make him take you to breakfast first.