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The NCIS team investigates a double homicide when they discover that one of the victims had been creating false IDs that would give him access to military bases all over the world.

Abby is able to discover the last ID to be created and they learn that it was recently used at a nearby base. Visiting the base, they find a sizable group of "unaccompanied minors," immigrant children who were detained without parents.

The man was photographing the base, and one child in particular, a girl from El Salvador named Elena. He also apparently stole a crate of RPG launchers while he was there.

The case is connected to widespread criminal organization La Vida Mala, though their interest in a 10-year-old girl is a mystery.

Gibbs takes Elena into protective custody. With her help, they learn that La Vida Mala was using an ice cream company as a front for smuggling weapons.

They locate the stolen RPG launchers but are surprised to discover that all of them have been irreparably sabotaged, by the very man who stole them.

The man in question is captured attempting to sneak into Gibbs' house, and he reveals that he is actually Elena's father and had only been working with La Vida Mala in order to get money.

When they discovered that he had sabotaged the RPG launchers, they killed the men who vouched for him in the gang. He agrees to testify against the La Vida Mala gang leader.

Despite this, his and Elena's future remains murky.

"It's complicated," Director Vance points out.

Even as Elena and her father are reunited, Gibbs wonders what is going to happen next for the two of them.

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NCIS Season 15 Episode 19 Quotes

Bishop: You know The Rules?!
Torres: I thought it was mandatory.

Burger coma.

Gibbs [describing the sleeping Elena]