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Admiral Michael Caplinger returns home to discover a break-in and his wife Gloria missing. Gloria calls. She's visiting a friend. A message "I took it" was left in the display case. It was his daughter's Purple Heart. The burglar left a motel address. He says his name is Joseph Smith and admits to the break-in. The 95-year-old Joe demands to talk to Gibbs after Torres and Bishop didn't know details about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Joe claims he was on the USS Arizona during the attack. Joe enlisted at age 16 under his brother Henry's name. Joe wants Caplinger to write a letter guaranteeing he can be interred on the Arizona Memorial before he gives back the Purple Heart. Palmer said the burns on Joe's arms were consistent with burns suffered by those on the Arizona. Gibbs gets Joe, who was an electrician, to fix the slide projector he purposefully broke. Gibbs had slides of Pearl Harbor in it. McGee and Torres tracked down the cab Joe took back from the Caplingers' house. The cabbie drives away from them and escapes. Vance wants Gibbs to charge Joe for the break-in but Gibbs refuses. Gibbs gets Joe to conjure up his memories of the Arizona. Gibbs writes Joe a note to allow his ashes to be stored on the Arizona. The cabbie gets caught. Joe wanted him to pretend to be his grandson to sign him out of the nursing home. The medal isn't where Joe thought he stored it. Joe has a heart attack and goes into surgery. Joe is in his early stages of dementia. Joe actually stored the Purple Heart in the Caplingers' vent. Joe died in recovery. Palmer finds shrapnel from the Arizona inside Joe's arm. So Joe will be interred on the Arizona.

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NCIS Season 17 Episode 20 Quotes

I'm not going to say a damn thing until I get a root beer.


Bishop: We got a dead body?
Gibbs: I don't know what we got.