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Max doesn't understand how his chemo group can joke about their cancer.

Iggy tells Floyd that he shouldn't have visited Lauren.

Floyd has a patient who comes in. He's a young boy who had a heart transplant, but it's not working. He finds out from the parents that the medicine to treat him was so expensive that they stretched it as much as they could which caused him to get sick

. Floyd talks to Max about a solution. Max suggests the parents divorce because the mother could receive more financial aid as a single parent and his meds would be covered. The couple doesn't want to do that because they are Catholic.

They eventually agree, but Jimmy, their son, overhears it and runs off. When they find him later thanks to the secret service and cardinal appointees there due to the Pope being in town, they arranged for the cardinal to speak to the boy and explain that the Pope would approve of the divorce and he won't have to worry about his parents going to hell.

Max snaps at Helen when one of his chemo friends is sick. He thinks the cancer department should have caught her issues. He goes to a Lamaze class with Georgia and scares all the parents talking about things that could go wrong.

He's worried that he won't be there for Georgia and the baby, and she comforts him.

Helen's patient Walter is in love with a woman and wants to stop his therapy and have his shunt removed. She doesn't want him to do it at first.

Walter's legal guardian shows up and stops Helen from taking him off treatment. Sheila, the woman, is arrested for kidnapping. Helen argues that Walter should be allowed to make a decision, but his legal guardian cites examples in which Walter poses a threat to himself and others.

Later, when he sees that Sheila can take care of Walter, he and Helen team up and ask the judge to reverse her decision.

Kapoor is on a watchlist for the Pope. He loves the pope and sent a gift that they thought was poisonous. An agent watches him, and later on Iggy because he knew about the gift. Kapoor tells the agent that he's suffering from something when he notices the agent having issues.

Iggy is supposed to go to a museum trip with his daughter. Later on, Martin and his daughter show up at the office. She tells Iggy that she is afraid of the museum and was only going for him. He aplogizes, and they do something else instead.

Lauren opens up to her group about Floyd visiting her.

Max is able to crack jokes with his chemo group when his friend returns.


New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

I hate to say this, but I can kinda tell you're here.


Haven't you ever been in love? What wouldn't you give for just a little bit more of it?