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Helen and Panthaki get super close. She encounters a woman outside the hospital on a bench who is unresponsive. She rushes her to the hospital and discovers that she is an addict dealing with withdrawal. The woman mentions a bag and Helen rushes back to retrieve it only to discover a baby inside.

The baby is also in withdrawal they have to treat her. The woman turns her over and leaves.

Helen grows attached to the baby and Max tries to remind her that she cannot keep the baby. Helen soothes the baby with skin to skin contact. She names the baby. The baby's father shows up and Helen has to hand her over.

Helen tells Panthaki she wants kids, and he tells her that he already has them.

The new ER doc is focused on efficiency and wants them to consult with patients for 10 minutes. Kapoor works over to help his patient.

Max is told by a board member that they are trying to get rid of Fulton. He has Fultom fake a heart attack, but they vote him out anyway.

A man tries to commit suicide but survives. They think he is a veteran because of his dog tags but they belong to someone else. She tells Iggy that Mustafa.was their translator during the war and she gave him the dog tags because he earned them

He tells Iggy that he doesn't belong anywhere because Americans look at him and think he is a terrorist and he can't go back home bedause they know he helped the Americans. Veterans are brought in to support him.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Floyd: Don't.
Iggy: Don't what? I'm just going to say this one thing. I tell Martin I love him like 97 times a day. That's it.

Helen: We're going to get kicked out of here.
Panthaki: I hope we land somewhere with a bed.