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A bad snow storm the worst in years causes issues in the city. A snowplow pileup keeps others form getting to the hospital. 

Max calls Helen in even though she's off and Panthaki inquires about her relationship with Max.

Max decides to send people out to help others. He goes out to help a woman in her home, and Helen accompanies him when he doesn't listen to her demands of staying in with his compromised immunie system. 

The patient is a clairvoyant and she gives them both some insight that gets to them. She implies that they have feelings for one another and that Helen and Max will have a falling out and he'll lose her, and also that things can never work between her and Max because of him being married and such. 

It gets to Max and he wants to speak with her, but he doesn't know what to say when he does get the chance. When they trek back to the hospital, he's too tired and has to sit down for a while. She tells him that htey need to talk about their relationshp, but the power goes out. 

Kapoor's patient is dying, so he wants to contact her husband. When he can't reach him by phone, he travels outside to get to the man's house and tell him in person. He does and brings him back to spend time with his wife. 

Kapoor shares with Iggy that he had a fight with his wife before she died, and never got to make up with her or tell her how much she meant to him. 

Iggy is excited about the storm and wants to teach his young patients about it. He goes up to the roof when he's not getting a signal on his equipment but gets locked out. 

He nearly slides of the roof at some point. His patint Javi comes out on the roof but the door cloess before Iggy can warn him. Javi tries to commit suicide but Iggy talks him down. Gladys comes up to the roof and saves them. 

Floyd finds a man impaled on a spike. The man speaks about his husband and how he was trying to do something fo rhim when this happened. 

Floyd tries to get help and the waiting isn't helping things. It's getting worse, and Floyd ends up removing the man from the stake and carrying him six blocks to the hospital. He has to operate on him when the power goes out. 

Lauren is in rehab and struggling. She is upset about not being able to practice medicine. 

Oen of the patient's overdoses so she helps the nurses adminsister help to the patient before they contact someone else. She swipes the drugs, but she doesn't take them and gives them back to the conselor. 

She breaks down when the conselor tells her that she needs to want to get better. 

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

If people can't get to this hospital, we need to bring this hospital to them.


Pathanki: I just wondered if the things you guys have made it very difficult.
Helen: Excuse me Max and I don't have a thing.
Pathanki: The Vibe?
Helen: What are you talking about? There is no vibe.