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The generator goes out at the hospital in the middle of the storm. Max and Helen go into action trying to keep the hospital afloat and everyone calm.

The electrician trying to fix the generator is electrocuted. Iggy suggests the inmate who got stuck in a MRI fix the generator as it used to he his profession. He's in prison for murder.

Against the guard's wishes Max pleads with Burl to help and they can't tell if he is plotting an escape or really trying to help. At some point, Burl disappears and Max feels he let everyone down.

Max has a meltdown, and Helen tells him he needs to start choosing who they can help. When he refuses, she takes over.

The lights and power are back on and they realize Burl helped after all. He disappeared to find the products he needed. He asks for help with his anger issues in return.

Kapoor is stuck in the elevator with the other neuro doc. They have to talk Agnes through helping a woman who had a stroke. Her baby is brought to her to breastfeed while she's unconscious.

Floyd is holding Hugh's heart together. Candelario comes in to help him. She has field experience from serving in Afghanistan and knows how to use their loot conditions to continue with Hugh's surgery and save him.

Helen tells Max on the rooftop that she can't be his doctor anymore.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Iggy: Full disclosure though he sort of murdered his coworker.
Helen: Oh my God.
Iggy: But it wasn't premeditated. He's not a psychopath; he has behavioral issues.
Max: A rather big one, you think?

Helen: Someone else ...
Max: I'm fine. You wanted to tell me something?
Helen: It can wait.