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Lauren thinks there is going to be a quiet day in the ER, but a rush of church ladies from Alabama come into the hospital after an accident. 

Everyone needs different things and Max eventually figures out that all the women have pre-existing conditions. Kay was the driver and keeps speaking about how they have the best insurance thanks to the insurance from the rental. 

Floyd has to perform heart surgery on a woman. Duke connects to the woman who sings a spiritual before she is put under. Floyd doesn't like all the religous components because it makes him think of his mother who he hadn't been speaking to because of her not liking that he's marrying Evie. 

Floyd cuts it close with the surgery and needs Duke to jump in. But they are not sure if the woman will wake up or be brain dead and have issues. Floyd sings to her later and then calls his mom.

Max calls Kay out. She tells him that she was acting in God's will causing an accident. All the women, her friends, can't afford helathcare. He knows the police will come looking for her and tries to prepare her for that and wants her to lie, but she doesn't want to do that. 

The police do come to speak to her and take her to the station, but she has an episode, and Max is able to use that to explain the accident was caused by that instead of deliberately. 

Kay's niece Chante has Down-Syndrome, and she is pregnant. She has agency and wants to have an abortion. Iggy supports her and Lauren speaks to her about making a decision like that herself.

Chante knows Kay won't like it though. 

She speaks to Kay and eventually Kay is there for her when she has it. 

Helen and Kapoor have to treat two sisters. One of them needs a kidney and the other offers to give it to her but then wants to be thanked properly for it. Helen doesn't get all of their bickering, and Kapoor shows her that siblings are like that.

Helen tries to help Max, but he won't let her. He snaps at her again and then apologizes. She wants to get him some services to help with Luna. 

He tells her to pick one and surprise him. But she picks a cleaning service and when they show up, he refuses to let them in. 

Georgia's blood stains are still on the floor at the apartment. Helen calls him, but he ignores the calls. 

Iggy is going through with the adoption process without telling Martin.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Shante: You're crazy.
Iggy: You're not the first person to tell me that.

This is not wet 'n wild hair.