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Max looks for a new replacement for Dora. He interviews a bunch of assitants, but none of them speak to him. 

He finds a veteran named Todd who isn't good at computers but gives an impassioned speech as to why he needs this job and is great for it. Max hires him. 

Max and Todd have different opinions on healthcare and how to fix things. Todd is agains socialized healthcare, and they clash with their opinions. 

Floyd has a patient who ends up back at the ER after he did surgery on her because she fell and no one found he for days, and there's no post-opt care. 

Max tries to find a solution for her, and he wants to get paid nurses to take care of patients after surgery. He tries to appeal to the medical board, but he's always outnumbered. 

He wants to add someone on his side onto the board, but he's told a boardmember has to have money, prestige and things of that nature to be on it, so when he suggested Floyd, he was shut down, and Lauren told him her mother wouldn't be a great fit. 

Todd comes up with the solution to buy the woman a dog which would be cheaper than a nurse. 

Max pitches that Todd be added to the board because he represents the average person they're supposed to be making decisions for. 

Lauren and Helen discover that their patient was being poisoned by the hip replacement he got. Helen tries to get the medical equipment company to pay for this man's new surgery with improved equipment. They refuse. 

Helen decides to use her fame to go on national TV and out the company. Max tries to get her stop because he's afraid of losing her. He's barely holding on by a thread and needs her there. 

Helen calls him out on pushing him away and manipulating her with his feelings to get her to back down. When she goes  on televison, the company caves to her demands before she releases their name. 

Floyd is still missing Evie, so he surprises her when she extended her time away by flying out to spend time with her. 

Rohan comes to Kapoor needing money he claims for his band. Kapoor finds out that Ella is pregnant and Rohan is running from responsibility. 

Iggy is spending time with his patients, and when one of the kids gets sick, it causes mass hysteria with the other kids. 

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Dr. Goodwin's characteristically uplifting yet exorbitantly priced proposal is rejected.


I'm having sex with my physical therapist.