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A young patient named Juliette comes into the ER with her parents. Her brother Calvin is suffering from injuries due to being choked and thr parents gave to interview with child services and speak to Iggy. They're lying about how their son ended up in the hospital.

Lauren realizes the young girl Juliette had defensive marks on her hands and that she choked her brother. Iggy speaks to her and checks off many of the signs found in sociopaths/psychopaths.

Child services recommend she be committed, but iggy thinks he can help her. He tries to find ways to connect to her, but she spends most of the time manipulating and degrading Iggy.

Iggy proposes a reward system and uses it to get her to apologize to her brother in exchange for his phone. Iggy thinks he made a breakthrough, but she was pretending to be concerned the whole time.

Helen's patient Paz had spent all her time thinking she would have her surrogacy happen using her sister, but insurance will no longer cover it. Helen is upset and Max wants to help.

He goes to the company and tries to get them to change their minds and is given the runaround. Eventually the insurance guy he has been hounding gets snowed from the top to help Paz and Jasmine.

Helen tells max she went through her process but it didn't take. She was relieved because she doesn't want to raise a baby alone. Baby Luna smiles for Helen for thr first time, and Max slips and says they have to show mommy. He claims he and Luna talk to a picture of Georgia, but not that he's seeing ghost Georgia.

A woman set for Space needs heart surgery but refuses because she wants to fk fk to space, so Floyd tests her to make sure she can withstand the pressure up there and she passes.

The husband on the case reminds him to be supportive of Evie even though they are so far away and he's planning this wedding alone.

Lauren needs pain managment but can't get appointments. Zach is still gone. She meditates with Kapoor and it helps her realize she needs to go to NA. At the meeting she sees Zach who is also an addict.

Kapoor supports Ella and tells her they are family no matter what.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Bloom: What happened to your brother, Juliette?
Juliette: I wanted his phone, so I took it.

The marks on Calvin's neck are not abrasions. They're bruises. It was not a cord, they were hands.

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