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Max and Georgia sing to baby luna as Max prepares for his day. It's a normal day at the hospital three months after the accident.

Max has Luna strapped to his chest at work. He drops her off at the hospital daycare.

He has a patient who is sick because she is rationing her insulin. It's too much for her to afford. He comes up with an idea to make it himself but Karen shuts him down. He holds a press conference instead and threatens to get his distributions from Canada. He demands a seat at the table but Karen refuses.

They give him enough money to pay for his patient's treatment for life.

Helen returns from a fundraising trip. Max is cold to her. She gets the news from the new oncologist that Max's treatment is working and he'll be cancer free in a few months.

The new doctor doesn't like Helen because she discredited her work years ago n.v and for rid of her. She threatens to stop Max's treatment unless she gets a seat at the board. Helen has to agree.

Bloom returns from leave with a disfigured leg. She lost it in the accident and it had to be fixed.

Iggy gets emotional when one of his patients breaks down in a group therapy session.

When he goes home he tells his husband he wants to adopt another kid.

Kapoor helps a woman whose molar abscess caused symptoms that she thought were more serious.

Floyd takes on a new mentee and tries to adjust to Evie being across the countrym

Max goes home and it's revealed that Georgia died due to complications and his colleague couldn't save her. Max is alone with baby Luna.

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Where's Sharpe? Where's Sharpe?!


Max, I know you miss Dr. Sharpe. If she were here, she'd say the same thing. You beat the odds. You won the cancer lottery.