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Georgia's placenta has ruptured and she's at risk of bleeding out. Bloom helps Max take care of Georgia. 

When Georgia starts having contractions, Bloom tells Max how he may have to choose between his wife and his daughter because she will bleed out before the ambulance can get there. 

Georgia makes Max promise to save the baby if it comes down to it. 

Max calls Helen for more blood, and she goes in the ambulance to Max's home, but they can't get there in time. 

Lauren delivers the baby and Helen arrives when Georgia is bleeding out. They have to work on and revive Georgia and take her to the hospital. 

They all get into the two ambulances. 

The ambulances get into an accident. Max is holding the baby who seems to be fine. Georgia also seems to be fine. Bloom was thrown from the ambulance and is bleeding a lot and not looking good. They're in front of the hospital by then and the rest of the gang get involved. 

Helen is nowhere to be found. 

Iggy treats a patient, Jacob with severe PTSD from an explosion he was in. Iggy is having a hard time not being himself and avoiding phsyical contact with his patients even when they reach out to him. 

Kapoor talks to him about it. 

Iggy helps Jacob walk through his trauma to get to the bottom of it, and Jacob realizes the man he thought was mean to him was actually the person who saved his lfie. 


Floyd takes Evie to family dinner. His sisters and family get along with Evie. He asks his mother for the family ring because he wants to pop the question. 

His mom doesn't think she's suited for Floyd because of her different potential feelings about family and upbrining being a career woman and all. 

A man is brought into the hospital with cocaine balloons he swallowed. He takes off from the hospital. 

New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Promise me that you'll save her. Save her first. Promise me that you'll save our baby girl. Promise me no matter what.


Iggy: You cannot keep going on in life treating everyone like they're a threat.
Jacob: But they are. Turn on the news.